RICH REVIEWS: Gravesitter # 1

Title: Gravesitter # 1
Publisher: Wolf Comics
Story/Art/Covers by: Brian Wolf
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: We start in a cemetery and the undead is on the prowl. The illustration of the undead is a frightening sight, you would not want to encounter one. In this graveyard is a Gravesitter aka Marnie a beautiful woman armed with one killer-looking shovel/weapon. This weapon is designed with some imagination involved.
In this graveyard magic abounds and the dead rise. So that is where a Gravesitter comes in to keep the dead dead. Marnie seems uncertain of where her life is going yet is good at her job and likes it. The few supporting characters we see are great.
The colors are gorgeous.
The atmospheric setting in the graveyard sets the mood of this comic.
Marnie besides being a gravesitter is also in a rock band. Her bandmates come up with a big surprise for her one she will not like. You can just feel the danger rising as the music starts the dead will rise.
Rock and Roll and zombies are a great combination. Add is one gorgeous woman ready and willing to take care of business with a deadly shovel. You will be drawn into this world and be scared.

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