RICH REVIEWS: Golden Age Sci-Fi Showcase #1

Title: Golden Age Sci-Fi Showcase #1
Publisher: Empire Comics Lab
Created by: John Douglas
Writer/Art Reimagined: Josh Holley
Colors & Lettering: Anna Holley
Price: free (online)
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Marcia Reynolds is being chased. Something or someone is out to get her. She does get got. The creatures shown are monstrous you would not want to touch them or be touched by them.
The art style here has a cartoon side to it. The creatures are not drawn as frightening unless you’re a young reader.
While captive and being tested  Marcia is given the name Futura. Futura shows she does not like to be mistreated. As the human captive among all the other races, she is the one that wants her freedom the most. Futura does not give up.
“Buzz Crandall – Space Patrol” by Joshua 1:9 Holley & Anna Holley, after Bob Jordan. Buzz answers a call for help on the planet Neptune. The Shark-Men there are holding humans prisoner. The Shark-Men are drawn looking harmless though they are the villains of this story. There is a little excitement not too much. The story is short and over to quickly. Buzz does make for a good man of action and does fit the time period this comic was originally written.
“Auro – Lord of Jupiter” Auro must come to the rescue of humans and battle the evil people of Neptune. The story delivers some action and thrills but it is all low key.
After these reimagined stories the original versions are presented. The original versions have much better art and they should not have been changed. The colors are so much more in the original and the overall presentation is gorgeously done.
The original comics would get a 4 out of 5 rating. The reimagined versions a 2 out of 5. So an average of 3 overall.
The Golden Age of Comics did have so many wonderful characters presented with great art.

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