RICH REVIEWS: Godzilla: Rage Across Time # 3

godzilla-rage-across-time-3Title: Godzilla: Rage Across Time # 3
Publisher: IDW
Written by: Ryan Ferrier
Art by: Hugo Petrus
Colors by: Jay Fotos
Letterer/Creative Consultant: Chris Mowry
Cover by: Bob Eggleton
Variant Covers by: Hugo Petrus, Cory Smith/Colors by Ian Herring
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: England, 1348 the castles are beautifully illustrated.
A knight Gilder is charged to take his best knights and slay the dragon.The creatures they find are illustrated as monstrous things that deliver death.
Gilder finds Mothra. Mothra is drawn with the most beautiful colors. Mothra is shown in battle with one ugly monster. It is a short battle but well drawn.
This issue does not have Godzilla in the story. It is a disappointment. Watching the dragon slayers does provide entertainment and Mothra looks great but without Godzilla in this comic named Godzilla it just does not seem right.
Gilder and his lady love are the best part as we see their love will span both life and death.

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