RICH REVIEWS: Glenn Gould: A Life Off Tempo

glenn-gould-a-life-off-tempoTitle: Glenn Gould: A Life Off Tempo (GN)
Publisher: NBM
Writer/Artist: Sandrine Revel
Price: $ 25.99 US, $ 30.99 Can
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Website: ,
Comments: Glenn Gould was a Canadian pianist.
The art is suureal, the images are not what you might expect. This representation of Glenn Gould is something else.
We follow along as Glenn Gould grows up. His childhood was filled with him learning music and how to play the piano. He played classical music.
Glenn we learn is an animal lover. He did have many pets during his lifetime. The names he gave them showed his love of classical piano music.
Glenn Gould becomes the best pianist of his generation. He ended up giving a concert in Russia. It was well received by the time he finished.
Glenn released a new version of the Goldberg Variations.
He was one of the greatest muscians of our time, if not the greatest.
Here we see him through others eyes and his own. He was not what you would expect, in someways he was much more. The man had a passion that lead his life. He was a genius and he is missed.
Glenn Gould was what he wanted to be.

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