RICH REVIEWS: Gimmie Five # 2

Title: Gimmie Five # 2
Publisher: Skilletfire Studios
Stories by: Scott Eckelaert
Art by: JW Harp
Red Demon Pin-Up by: Art Yom Toplin
Red Rube History by: Rik Offenberger
Edited by: Lise Johnson
Back Cover by: Lise Johnson
Price: $ 6.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “RedRube: Dusty’s Alive!” Ruben and his girl are at the gym where this big muscled wrestler greets him. Ruben tries to be the hero things do not work out as he wants he does get a consolation prize. Reben aka RedRube is a nice guy here and does the right thing. The art has a cartoon style that works well with the story.
“Hello, my Name is Steve Keith” Steve has a unique side job. This is one you have never seen before. Steve is a normal guy except for one thing. His attitude is as expected for a guy working a normal job. His little side job well the art does grossly illustrate it. You might not want to see this.
“Haysteen” Five incredible beings who were created in a lab are now free. What will happen to them? What will they do? They only have each other in this great big world that is new to them. This story very briefly introduces you to the characters yet it is enough to make you want to know more. The art shows off the differences between each of these beings.
“Retribution” Madame Governor is one woman who is an uncaring person. She only cares about herself and not the suffering her actions can cause. Causing hate can lead you down a path you will regret. The art is too vague here. Having someone evil getting what they deserve is always nice to see.
“Red Demon” A sacrifice goes very wrong. Nathy went from human sacrifice to being possessed. A woman and a demon work together to undo what was done. The personalities of both work great together, you easily think of them as friends. It is also easy to see this demon is evil and Nathy does not like how she was treated so someone is going to pay.
“RedRube History” Here you can find out the origins of this hero. He can call upon the abilities of his ancestors. When he calls out the Carney yell for help he becomes RedRube. So Hey Rube rings out loud and clear and you know help is coming.
This is a wonderful collection of short five-page stories that all provide exciting entertainment that keeps the reader on his toes and thrilled at the adventures of these Golden Age characters.

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