RICH REVIEWS: GFFs Ghost Friends Forever # 1

Title: GFFs Ghost Friends Forever # 1 (GN)
Publisher: Papercutz
Story: Monica Gallagher
Art & Cover: Kata Kane
Colors: Matt Herms
Lettering: Sryan Senka
Price: $9.99 US/$14.99 (HC) US
Price: $9.99 US/$14.99 (HC) US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Sophia is a young girl fifteen years old from a split family. She fancies herself a Paranormal Investigator. She does find a ghost girl to help her name is Whitney.
The story touches upon Sophia being gay or bisexual.
Sophia with her brother and a friend are going to help Whitney by solving how she died. well, things do move along but not all goes as planned. Some twists and turns pop up.
Sophia and Whitney is a short time fall in love. They are teenagers but their emotions are strong.
The art is perfect for this story. nothing too scary in it.
This book is an all ages one that anyone can and will enjoy. It shows the troubles a teen girl can have growing up and add a ghost to it and it becomes even harder. Sophia is a beautiful young teen who will capture your heart.

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