RICH REVIEWS: Genu – Volume 2

Title: Genu – Volume 2
Publisher: Markosia
Writers: Tommaso Todesca, AlexFranquelli, Giulio Srubek-Tomassy
Artist: Aleksandra Fastovets
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Chapter 3: A Wink At A Blind Bat” A Professor George Temple is teaching about humans. He discovered the T Sequence. Here he gets interviewed and does not have a good time which does look funny but is not for him.
Now, something happened on Mercury and it is being investigated.
The robot and the talking fish are cute together.
There is a mysterious woman. The images of Mars showed some humans living on Mars are gorgeous. Is an alien invasion getting ready to launch from Mars to attack Earth?
“Chapter 4: Qaedam Vero” The outer space scene opening this chapter is beautifully illustrated.
Exactly what is going on can at times be hard to understand. George Temple knows about the images of the alien invasion he knows more than others. There is something strange going on with this invasion. Plus Chief Feng one powerful man is up to something. Things are tying together.
Virtual reality is featured here but it is done in a more futuristic manner yet it is not featured, the characters are featured and they are wonderful.

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