RICH REVIEWS: Geeky Fab 5 # 4

Title: Geeky Fab 5 # 4 Food Fight for Fiona (GN)
Publisher: Papercutz
Writers: Lucy & Liz Lareau
Artist: Ryan Jampole & Jen Hernandez
Colorist: Matt Herms
Letterer: Wilson Ramos Jr.
Price: $ 12.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Chapter One: A Sparkly Blast
  The Fab 5 are Lucy, Zara, Marina, A.J., and Sofia. They are making a rainbow volcano cake. They do end up making a beautiful looking cake. Hubble the cat watches on and dreams of tuna. The art is so colorful and fun looking. The girls all enjoy themselves hanging out together making this cake.
Chapter Two: Eat the Rainbow
This chapter is all about eating right. You should eat your vegetables to stay strong and healthy. The vegetables are illustrated with nice bright colors. So you do get a moral lesson and eating right is made to look fun.
 Chapter Three: Hunger at Home
The girls’ volcano cake is an explosive success. The lava is fun to see exploding everywhere. The girls also make a new friend in Fiona and they learn that not everyone has enough to eat. Even in their school, some kids go hungry. This is a real-world problem.
  Chapter Four: A Farm Girl Named Fiona
In this chapter, we get to visit a farm and see a cow milked. We are also reminded that Foodbanks are needed. Again it is pointed out that Fiona does not have enough food. Fiona we see cares about her family as well and wants them not going hungry.
Chapter Five: Strawberry Ladybugs and Pineapple Flowers
Fiona worries too much about what others might think. She should know that sometimes people do need help. As her school mates find out more they want to help. They want to do so because they care, not out of pity.
  Chapter Six: Victory Gardens
All the Fab 5 have plans to get more food to those who need it. They are selfless and caring. They can not do it on their own. Their enthusiasm needs to carry over to others to get more people on board.
Chapter Seven: Food Fight for Friends
  This book makes it very clear to many children and people go without enough food. People can help them and do yet it is still a problem that continues.
The Fab 5 show just what five caring girls can do.

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