RICH REVIEWS: Garfield’s Big Hairy Adventure

garfields-big-hairy-adventureTitle: Garfield’s Big Hairy Adventure
Publisher: KABOOM! Studios
Written by: Scott Nickel, Mark Evanier, Liz Prince
Illustrated by: Dave Alvarez, Antonio Alfaro, Liz Prince
Colored by: Lisa Moore, Kyle Folsom
Lettered by: Steve Wands, Liz Prince
Cover by: Andy Hirsch
Garfield Created by: Jim Davis
Price: $ 9.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Comments: “Odie’s Got Talent” This story starts off focused entirely on Garfield. He has a nightmare that could scare anyone.
The art is fun, colorful and done in the unique style we have come to love.
Now the story focuses on Odie. Garfield lost him but he does get home. The story has lots of scenes of Garfield eating and more eating.
Things do take some strange turns and Garfield and his gang end up on a ship. Garfield does end up stuffed. He always seems to. That is who he is and we all love him for it.
“Wilfred’s World” Wilfred is a very smart boy and also very lonely. Wilfred does discover that he likes having people around after he tries it without them. Wilfred does become happier for it. This story does get emotional and it does stay fun to. Beautiful art throughout this story.
“How Much Monday Can You Take?” This is a weird story that repeats itself. The art is amateurish. The story does end how it has to but getting there does provide a surprise or two.

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