RICH REVIEWS: Garfield Volume 9

Title: Garfield Volume 9 (TP)
Publisher: KaBOOM! Studios
Written by: Mark Evanier, Scott Nickel
Art by: Andy Hirsch, David DeGrand, K. Lynn Smith, Roger Langridge, Yehudi Mercado, Brittney Williams, Andy Hirsch, Frazer Irving, Geneviere FT
Colors by: Lisa Moore
Letters by: Steve Wands
Cover by: Andy Hirsch
Price: $ 13.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Collects issues #33-36.
Part One:
“Cave Cat” Cave Cat discovers his best liked food here and it is not a salad. The art looks amazing and Cave Cat has fangs.
“King Cat” King Cat has one of Garfield’s past lives in Egypt. Gar-Ho-Tep makes a great Pharaoh. The most important thing to him is still food.
Seeing Garfield in these different roles is fun and it makes for a nice change of pace. The basic character though stays the same. He is still that fat, lazy and fun loving cat.
Part Two:
“Pirate Cat” In Garfield’s third life he was Orangebeard the Pirate. The One Who Guards the Island of lost riches is one big sea monster that is drawn so cute. You will jut want to hug him. Orangebeard does go on a treasure hunt and finds a treasure for him one that only Garfield would love so much.
“Cowboy Cat” Nice mentioning of the Clint Eastwood movies. Garfield is good in a spaghetti western eating spaghetti. Garfield is the best in the West.
This cat his nine lives and it is great to see each one of them. Garfield is great in any incarnation.
Part Three:
“Super Cat” Garfield’s ancestor we see was a cat version of Superman. Super-Cat is in battle with giant robots. There are some dynamic poses but otherwise the art is done way to cartoony. Rex Ruthless plays the part of Lex Luthor here except hes a bull dog. Super-Cat is super but even he cannot make his secret identity life exciting.
“Sam Spayed” Garfield in his sixth life was Sam Spade a hard-boiled private eye. This story is done in black and white as fits the time period. Sam eats lasagna that he was told not to. So was he poisoned? The art definitely fits the story. Garfield is drawn looking noirish and like a cat that is a P.I. The story is anti-climatic.
Garfield is a cool, cute, fat cat.
Part Four:
“Lab Cat” Garfield’s seventh life has him in a lab being experimented on. The experiment does get out of hand. Garfield this incarnation at least is a monster. Garfield through no fault of his own becomes completely uncontrollable. This is an exciting and hair or fur raising story.
“Space Cat” Garfield’s ninth life has him as a Space Pirate. The art is flat looking. The story here is a take on Star Wars. This story is weird and not much is fully explained.
The Cover Gallery has many great looking cover illustrations.
Garfield: His 9 Lives A Look Back, has more wonderful art.
Garfield: His Other Lives, here area few short cartoon strips that are fun to read and see.
Garfield is Garfield in any age or setting and he is always one cool fat cat.

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