RICH REVIEWS: Garfield Volume 8

img_3920Title: Garfield Volume 8 (TP)
Publisher: KaBOOM! Studios
Written by: Mark Evanier, Scott Nickel
Art by: Andy Hirsch, Maris Wicks, Geneviere Ft, Nneka Meyers, Lissy Marlin
Colors by: Lisa Moore
Letters by: Steve Wands
Cover by: Andy Hirsch
Price: $ 13.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Collects issues #29-32.
Chapter One:
“Mailman and the Make-Believers”
Herman Post is drawn looking extremely nervous as he approaches Garfield’s house. He is the mailman and the set up for him is done perfectly. Garfield we get to see does have one great imagination and so does the writer of this story. The story ends as most Garfield ones do with him stuffing his mouth and filling his stomach.
“Space Oddity”
Garfield’s teddy bear Pooky has one far out adventure. Not a word is spoken in this story but volumes are told. The story is focused on his teddy bear and not him which is a nice change. The colors are beautifully done.
Garfield is a lovable feline.
Chapter Two:
“Up is Down”
It is Halloween and Garfield just wants to eat candy. This story gets fun as a defective wand and a demon along with Odie and Garfield create havoc. Well everyone does have some fun and enjoys Halloween well except for that cute little demon who only wanted to conquer the world. The art is beautifully done Garfield and all his friends even Nermal could not look better.
“All in a Day’s Cosplay”
Mimi is deciding on what to cosplay as. Her choice is obvious in this comic book. The art is done is a stylish manner that is not really fitting for a Garfield comic. The story has some fun moments but no real Garfield.
Chapter Three:
“Thanks 4 Giving”
Garfield is in a great mood. Garfield actually is going to do some good deeds. It is rare you see Garfield being totally unselfish. The art is gorgeously done Garfield and all the other cats are drawn and colored to look just how you would imagine them to. A happy Garfield does such good work.
“Little Red Riding Cat”
Nermal eats to much before bed and his nightmares are filled with food in the most strange and weird ways. Fairy tales do get mixed up here with the food. Grandma never had an olive head in the original Little Red Riding Hood. This is a weird dream that is fun to follow along with as long as your not the one having it.
Chapter Four:
“Elf Esteem”
Wow Garfield actually agrees to no lasagna over Christmas. There is a good reason for it.
Now Alvan the Elf messes up and he wants to make it right. Garfield volunteers to help him. Odie comes along and between the three of them along with Liz and Jon delivery to us an emotional story about true giving and the true meaning of Christmas.
Oh and yes the jolly man himself does put in an appearance.
“Nermal and the Three Bears”
Nermal is a cute kitten, the cutest. The art is simple and in its way cute. It is cute the way Nermal can talk to the narrator. Nermal thinks he should run things and than he changes his mind. Things can get much worse than a cat meeting three bears. Well having a narrator who hates you well that can complicate things.
The Classic Garfield strips are always entertaining and will put a smile on your face. These Classics are illustrated just as Garfield was always meant to be. He is a fat, lazy cat that all love.

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