RICH REVIEWS: Galaxa Freaks # 1

Title: Galaxa Freaks # 1
Publisher: Galaxa Freaks
Writer/Artist/Cover: Andrew Pawley
Price: free
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Inside the mind of a Freak the Galaxafreaks live. The Galaxafreaks are Captain Yeah!, Raymondo, Optik and Ringzola. These are colorful weirdly drawn beings.
Optik licks a Freakball and it appears she gets high off of it. The psychedelic art suggests this.
These Galaxafreaks can travel sideways in time whatever that means. These creatures are so strange.
The GalaxaFreaks do all get to play their game of Freakball is colorfully illustrated but only one scene of action.
Ringzola has star systems within him and he decides to look in on one. Within that one a person exists Everleddy. Everleddy invents something that changes reality. The Galaxafreaks get involved and they get mashed up into a Super Galaxafreak. Thinks do somehow get set right but if you can follow it all you must be high.
Rainbow Streak finds a relic from the past and tries to get it working. Things do not go all right.
This comic is filled with strange beings who get high on life and have fun. They do get into the most weird situations. Plus the colors are so beautiful.

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