RICH REVIEWS: G-Men United # 4

Title: G-Men United # 4
Publisher: G-Man Comics
Writers: Rik Offenberger, Eric N. Bennett
Pencils: Bobby Ragland, Ron Williams, Joshua 1:9 Holley
Inks: Téo Pinheiro, Ron Williams, Joshua 1:9 Holley
Colors: Téo Pinheiro, Victor Raniery
Letters: Erik N. Bennett, Mike W. Belcher
Cover Artist: Ron Williams
Alternate Cover: Brad Gorby
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Price: $ 10.00 US
Comments: “Atomik Bombshell” Atomik Bombshell and Lynx are teammates and could become friends. Atomik does have a lot of attitude towards everyone. When she becomes a target she has even more yet she does learn to start accepting others. The person attacking her well they face her wraith. The art looks beautiful and shows Atomik off as a well-endowed woman. She is shown using her powers very well in battle. Atomik does want to be friends with her teammates. She is emotional and wants others to be emotional with her as friends.
“Tales of Otherworld” Taranis and Dara present themselves before the Gods of Avalorr. The coloring is gorgeous in this story. Their return is a happy joyous one. The Gods and Goddesses act in a stately manner. Of course, though things heat up as an attack starts and the action begins.
“Adoption” Vencejo wants to adopt Pollita he is an unrelated adult male wanting to adopt an eight-year-old girl and together they fight crime so that she will be in danger. It is nice to see superheroes do things that normal ordinary people do. They have the same problems. Wow, Pollita does love her new father and you better not mess with that. She is one tough little girl and will make a great sidekick.
“Taranis meets Tyr” Two Gods meet and have a brief scuffle and then the real threat comes. The little touch of humor was such a great touch.
The characters in these pages are exciting heroes who charge into battle.

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