RICH REVIEWS: G-Men United # 3

Title: G-Men United # 3
Publisher: G-Man Comics
Writers: Rik Offenberger, Eric N. Bennett, Jim Burrows, Earl Wajenberg
Pencils: Hique!, Ron Williams, Dean Juliette, Mel Ford
Inks: Teo Pinheiro, Ron Williams, Dean Juliette, Mel Ford
Colors: Teo Pinheiro, Danilo Leao
Letters: Erik N. Bennett, Francisco Zamora, Mike W. Belcher
Main Cover: Stefani Rennee
Alternate Covers: Gilbert Monsanto, Steven Butler/Gilbert Monsanto, Steven Butler
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Price: $ 10.00 US
Comments: “Fire!” Lynx gets to babysit Atomik Bombshell. The reader does get to see these heroes are people too. They have ordinary problems just like you and me. The two of them and three other team members engage a fire-breathing dragon in the middle of the city. The women are illustrated as tough fighters while still looking gorgeous and sexy. The dragon is a powerfully illustrated creature of destruction. This battle turns into something a little different. Lynx and Atomik Bombshell start forming a relationship because they are teammates as well as teacher and student.
“Tales of Otherworld” Avalorr is a golden shining city of the Celtic Gods. The God of Thunder does stand ready to protect his city from the Trickster. Dara is a strong woman and self-reliant she does not need anyone watching out for her. The Trickster does look to be a serious threat, giving him a small army even more so.
“The Night Lili” Here magic is in use. The story is hard to follow as nothing that is going on is explained. The black woman does exude evil which her claws help bring out.
“The Tale of Red Halo” shows that Red Halo is somehow three people. The art is done plain. The story explains who Red Halo is and that it.
“Secret Origin of Agent Squires” Agent Squires gets to work with superheroes all the time. He is a trained government agent yet he does get stuck with duties to look after the heroes. His job is not glorious yet it is a necessary one.
“Dossier: Atomik Bombshell” Here you get a very short telling of who she is and that is very powerful. The art here is plain so nothing about it jumps out at you.
These heroes are not just heroes they are regular ones who are doing extraordinary jobs. They are the ones you can identify with. True heroes for real people.

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