RICH REVIEWS: G-Man Comics 3in1 #3

Title: G-Man Comics 3in1 #3
Publisher: G-Man Comics
Writers: Rik Offenberger
Artist: Gilbert Monsanto, Jushua 1:9 Holley
Pencils by: Bobby Ragland
Inks by: Luis Rivera
Colors by: Danilo Leao, Teo Pinheiro
Letters: Mike W. Belcher, Francisco Zamora
Covers: Gilbert Monsanto, Alan Faria, Steven Butler with Colors by Gilbert Monsanto, Dean Juliette with Colors by Danilo Leao, Hique! with Colors by Pinheiro
Price: $ 10.00 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Besties” Atomik Bombshell, Sister Flag, and Mummy Girl now these three women super-heroes are beautifully illustrated and the scenes of them being jumped on by lions does have some drama and suspense. The lions these big cats are drawn as savage beauties. For the three superheroes, this is the start of a great friendship and they find out they do work well together.
“Witness” Sgt. Flag is on witness protection duty and delivery. Sgt. Flag is a man of action. When the assassins come after them he is ready and the bullets fly. We get a nice little motorcycle chase too. We do see Sgt. Flag’s personality and yes he is a bit crazy. He loves seeing action and jumps right in. He does not care much about anything but himself but he does deliver on his jobs.
“After School Special” The art is done in a cute style. Kid Terror and Agent Squires go on a stake-out and yes they get into a gunfight. Kid Terror seems a bit too overconfident. They do have fun and only the bad guys get hurt. It’s a cute story with some funny lines and Kid Terror looks cool in his Terror costume.
“Power Up” This is a cute story with all ages art and it is a tribute to the old Hostess Pie ads in superhero comics. It is a nice fun way to end this comic.

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