RICH REVIEWS: G-Man Comics 3in1 # 1

Publisher: G-Man Comics
Cover by: Gilbert Monsanto
Variant Covers: Butler & Monsanto, Steven Butler, Michel Netzer
Writers: Rik Offenberger, Jim Burrows, Eric N. Bennett
Artist: Gilbert Monsanto
Letters: Eric N. Bennett
Price: $ 10.00 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Fight for Justice” Simon N. Kirby Agent sends Sgt. Flagg on a rescue mission. These two men are shown acting professionally. Sgt. Flagg preps for his mission.
The art is nice and sharp and it jumps out at you. As Sgt. Flagg is shown he explodes into action. This is a man on a mission who will stop at nothing to complete that mission. This man takes intense to a new level. It is one thrilling ride as you follow along while Sgt. Flagg does his job.
“Liberty in Prison” The Champion of Liberty gets a mission. Jack is given a mission and goes undercover in prison. He finds a criminal and his mission is to find out what he is up to. Jack does get noticed. The story here starts out good then trails off as it loses its meaning. The Champion of Liberty is illustrated in full costume and he is an amazing sight. His face gives him a look that says the average everyday guy.
“The Price of Liberty” American Eagle takes center stage here. He and Brain Bruiser have one short encounter. American Eagle is drawn and written as your apex super-hero.
All three of these heroes are patriotic in nature.
This book delivers super-heroes the way they were meant to be. These heroes kick butt and look good doing it. They are symbols that everyone can look up to.

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