RICH REVIEWS: Full of Myself

Title: Full of Myself (GN)
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Author and Illustrator: Siobhan Gallagher
Price: $ 19.99 US, $ 26.99 Can
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This book is a look at Siobhan Gallagher’s life mixed with humor yet still a telling of her growing up and the hardships she faced to become who she is now.
The art is simple and cute.
As Siobhan grows up she begins to notice her look. Her body she thinks is fat and others do too. She lets this get to her when she should not but as a child it’s hard not to. Not only people but society in general have a certain look that they expect and it is unrealistic. The message you are not enough is one that sank in. Too many girls thought this and it is awful that they did and it still happens.
In high school Siobhan is overly conscious about her looks including her clothing. She will not wear her favorite shirt even and that is sad.
One full-page pin-up of Siobhan wearing a cow t-shirt as an adult shows she has become a confident woman. The art makes her look so good, very beautiful.
Siobhan becomes conscious of her breasts and notices the fact that men like to look at them. Also as she grows older men become more interested in her as a sexual object even though she feels she is not attractive.
Siobhan does see herself as an outsider. She thinks she is too fat when she is not. Just because she is not as skinny as some girls does not mean she is overweight and she should not be thinking that she is. She has so many unfounded doubts about herself. You will find yourself caring about her and wishing the best for her.
Getting back into drawing and creating her zine helped her become more confident in herself, this was a place she belonged being around her peers. You can see this as it happens and you will feel happy for her.
Siobhan grows as a person over her lifetime and she becomes comfortable with who she is and that has always been a wonderful human being.
Siobhan delivers a heartfelt story about accepting one’s self for who you are and being ok with that which leads to happiness. Siobhan is an inspiring woman that others can look up to.

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