RICH REVIEWS: Friar Rush # 2

Title: Friar Rush # 2 (Flip Book)
Publisher: Silverline
Writer: Sidney Williams
Penciler: Aaron Humphres
Inker: John Martin
Colorist: Jeremy Kahn
Letterer: Brian Dale
Price: $ 8. 00 US (digital), $ 20.00 US (printed)
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: We join a fight in progress. Jake and Seraph are the two in the thick of it.
The art style is disproportionate at times. Seraph her face is drawn too wide and her fingers too long.
Here we learn Seraph’s origin. She was tempted and found wanting. Seraph is more than human. She has been cursed. She is drawn with one very cute fang sticking out.
Is Friar Rush the ultimate evil? The ultimate temptation? Friar Rush is giving a Reverend his heart’s desire.
It does look as if Seraph with some help is out to stop Friar Rush no matter what he is up to. The question is what is his ultimate goal? Why is he helping the Reverend? Friar Rush while being the main villain here does not come across as all that evil. Yes, he killed a bunch of nuns yet even that the way it was presented was no all that compelling, it just was.
Seraph is a cute vampire girl and she is the hi-lite of this issue.

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