RICH REVIEWS: Fresh Off The Boat Presents

Title: Fresh Off The Boat Presents: Legion of Dope-Itude Featuring Lazy Boy (FCBD)
Publisher: BOOM! Comics
Written by: Gene Luen Yang
Illustrated by: Jorge Corona
Colored by: Jeremy Lawson
Lettered by: Jim Campbell
Character Designs by: Caleb Meurer & Jorge Corona
Cover by: Jorge Corona with Colors by Jeremy Lawson
Price: free
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Eddie Huang and his family are super-heroes and this is their story.
The art is done for a younger audience. The art as we see the heroes leaping into action is exciting.
The Legion of Dope-Itude featuring Lazy Boy yes that is their team name. Mom, dad and the three children make up this team. They fight crime well more like almost crimes, like rudeness and bad behavior.
The family does work together as a team. It is low key though and the action is to.
The super-hero family does have a wild adventure and they face off against one huge monster.
The story does not really show you exactly how this family got its powers, other than from grandma’s magic. It’s not nice to ignore grandma. She might just make you a superhero if you do.

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