RICH REVIEWS: Frankenbabe # 1

rco001_1477758186Title: Frankenbabe # 1
Publisher: 215 Ink
Writer: Matthew Johnson
Artist/Cover: Joe Badon
Price: $ 2.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Sinn a devil like creature shows his evil side. He also has a vial of some unknown liquid. The art style has a weird look to it.
Frankenbabe is dressed in a sexy outfit. She has a unique way of fighting.
The old style borders around the pages are a wonderful touch. Having Tommy guns are always so cool to see.
we are shown the origin story of Frenkenbabe. Stripper gets shot, Dr. finds and saves her. Well revives her from being dead.
As Mr. Sinn unleashed a horde of zombies on the city, Frankenbabe gears up for battle. Yes that includes a steel bra as well as guns and grenades. She is hot and armed and ready to take down some zombies.
Frankenbabe is ready to kick zombie butt.

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