RICH REVIEWS: Foxforce # 4

Title: Foxforce # 4
Publisher: Lucky Comics
Story: Lou Mougin
Pencils: Joe Graves
Inks: Jim Hachey
Letters: John M. Helmer
Cover A by: Joseph Graves, Alan Fletcher, and Michael Waggoner
Cover B by: Luis Rivera & Fredrico Sioc
Price: $ 2.00 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The Flame and Yarko return to Earth and the art looks great as they stand posed. Except the Yarko seems to be missing his right arm. They are posed in dynamic poses ready for anything. Meanwhile we see Blue Beetle and Samson in trouble. Wonder Man aka Wunder Mann is an imposing figure and this evil version even more so.
The art delivers nice details in the muscles. Being a black and white comic they are easy to see.
The old style feel to this book is a refreshing take. The rough and tough knock down drag out fight is refreshing to see.
At only nine pages this comic is short. More pages would have been better so we could learn more about these heroes.
The characters are all tough no nonsense super-heroes in the tradition of the Golden Age ones.

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