RICH REVIEWS: FoxForce # 1

Title: FoxForce # 1
Publisher: Lucky Comics
Writer: Lou Mougin
Art: Joe Graves
Inks: Jim Richey
Letters: Jim Hachey
Cover A: Luis Rivera
Cover B: Joseph Graves
Logo Created by: Joe Graves & Ken Johnston
Price: $ 2.00 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: The story starts off with an action scene as our heroes rush into battle. This is a great opening full page that leads into the battle against the Nazis.
This team is made up of Samson, the Flame, Yarko the Great and the Blue Beetle. These heroes are portrayed in a style from the 70’s-80’s. Which suits the story as it takes place in WWII, 1942. This team is the Team Foxtrot. They have strength, power, magic and skill. These four heroes are a wonderful grouping. The name gets changed to FoxForce with no reason why Fighting Furies gets lost.
The comic is only eleven pages long so it is short.
John Helmer is mentioned as the inker on this comic but the next page lists Jim Hachey.
President Roosevelt does not really look like him. The drawings just do not capture his likeness. His wheelchair looks like it has wooden wheels on it.
There is too much inking used over the pencils at times. The laboratory scenes are well done just too dark in illustration. Wunder Mann does inspire fear and awe.
The four superior men in FoxForce are heroes from a bygone age that the comic book world could use more of in today’s world.

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