Title: Fouke
Publisher: Qualify Comics
Writer/Artist: Ken Kaniel
Price: $ 10.99 US
Rating: 1 out of 5 stars
Comments: Chrissy and Lisa appear to be friends. Now, Chrissy, it seems can hear the dead talk.
Chrissy is drawn as one weird girl. She does look a little scary too. Some of the art throughout this comic is hard to make out exactly what it is.
Then the story just goes on and on about death? About Chrissy? But what about them? It needed to be explained better. Then the story goes on about a missing cat, why?
The story starts out with two characters that might turn out to be interesting but it really goes nowhere. It seems to be about one girl dying but then it is not explained. The art is done well enough in a black and white style. The whole comic does have a weird feel to it but what is the point of it? Yes, one girl dies but so? The characters do come across as weird but what is the point? Why should we care?
The story is written and drawn so that it flows along smoothly just it does not seem to go anywhere.

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