RICH REVIEWS: Folklore Vol. 2

Title: Folklore Vol. 2
Publisher: Random Encounter Comics
Writer: Adam Ma
Artist: Colin Tan Wei
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: This second volume collects the last three issues of the six-issue series.
We see a small military group dealing with the after-effects of the Dust. They are exploring on their journey. A recap of the previous volume would be nice so you the reader have an idea of what is going on and who is who for those who have not read the previous volume.
You can tell this world is a dark place and bad things do happen in it. Danger lurks in the cities.
In one city lights out means danger. The group meets others in the city and they all prepare to settle down in a local high school. The town has a menace in Quietus. We see little dark spots but not much. Quietus needed to be shown as more of a danger. You do not get the feeling that it is a serious threat.
The group traveling do plan to continue onward and to find the lab where maybe some powerful weapons might exist. The story is slow-moving with very little happening in it. Finally, as they go to leave the town Quietus attacks. It is a weird attack that does have the people on the run like a scene from a horror movie.
Now as Helios and his companions leave town a most unexpected thing happens.
There is a lot of doom and gloom in these pages. We do see a little hope from Helios in his quest to find the weapons. He does still inspire some hope even though he is a fallen hero.

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