RICH REVIEWS: Folklore Vol. 1

Title: Folklore Vol. 1
Publisher: Random Encounter Comics
Writer: Adam Ma
Artist: Colin Tan Wei
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: In a world with super-heroes, the super villains strike back when they are pushed. Millions of innocent people die. This story is not your avenge super-hero vs bad guys. Here it is treated like it could actually happen in the real world. We see heroes, villains and the innocent average every day people.
The human race decides they want to suppress super powered beings and they do create a way to do so. The results are not what was expected though.
A small group of military people underground are on the move and they are under attack. The attack is viscous.
There is a little explanation of what is going on but nowhere near what you need to know to fully follow and enjoy what is happening.
Helios comes across as a great guy. He is a hero or was at one time. Now though he is a broken man.
The art is done in a painted style that does fit the story nicely. It has a somber look to it.
This first volume collects the first three issues of the series.
The story needs to be more focused. It needs to let you know who these people are and what they are doing. There is so much room for you to guess at it. Knowing and knowing more about the people shown would help you to care more about them and what is happening.
You will end up wanting to see how Helios continues on their quest now. The world needs a hero and he was once one the greatest one.

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