RICH REVIEWS: Flare # 46

Title: Flare # 46
Publisher: Heroic Publishing
Story by: Lou Mougin
Artwork by: Rob Jones and Larry Farrel
Colors: Ashley Lanni
Letters: Dick O’Malley
Cover Illustration by: Phil Simpson
Flare Created by: Stacy Thain
Price: $ 4.99 US, $ 5.75 Can
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Police Story” The art is done in light colors. Flare is drawn so skinny. Her legs are like toothpicks. She is drawn with nice expressions. The Tigress she is drawn beautiful and sexy in the first panel we see her in and then she to is drawn extra skinny and with a huge head. As the comic goes on Flare is drawn more in normal human proportions.
Flare wants to be deputized. She is told no so of course, she does not stop.
Impulse and Planar two villains are drawn wonderfully. The writing sets them up as minor league henchmen. The writer forgets Impulse is the name of one of the villains, not Power Pulse as his employer mistakenly calls him.
The main villain stays a mystery. You are not really given any clue as to who he is.
The story overall is slow. There is little action. What action there is is not all that exciting.
We do see how headstrong Flare is she does get what she wanted from the start.
“Kickin’ Back With Zeus” Mister Madison meet Zeus. These two sit down over drinks to discuss Flare.
The art is pasty. It could use more definition and focus.
Mister Madison a mere mortal stands up to Zeus King of the Gods. He tells him no. You can tell Zeus is so jealous of him. Well, he does have Flare and Zeus does not.
Flare is a wonderful character but in this issue, the characters around her are as much the focus.
The comic is named Flare so make her the focus. Flare is a hero that can carry a comic and shine her light on us all.

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