RICH REVIEWS: Fiends # 3

Title: Fiends # 3
Publisher: Rat House Comics
Writers: David Zuzelo, Tim Tyler
Artist: Tim Tyler
Price: $ 12.00 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Website: “Heart of the Howling Beast” The art immediately sets a frightening atmosphere. The use of red for the blood in the black and white art adds so much to the effects of the story. The undead is frightening and the beast after the beauty is scary in its savagery.
There is a female shown topless so this is a mature title that and the extreme violence illustrated.
The werewolf unleashes his full savagery on the undead as he tears them apart. All hell breaks loose and unexpected things happen. A beautiful woman shows she is only beautiful on the outside.
The ending of this tale is kind of open-ended. Overall if you like creatures of the night and things that go bump in the night you will find this to your eternal liking.
Things of It” The creatures illustrated here are the stuff of nightmares. There are lots of horrifying creatures in this story. The story itself though does not fully make sense. A little explanation would have been nice. The monster art though does more than makeup for it.
If you have a faint heart do not open this book you just might not make it through it.

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