RICH REVIEWS: FCBD BOOM! Studios! 2007 Summer Blast

Title: FCBD BOOM! Studios! 2007 Summer Blast
Publisher: BOOM! Comics
Lumberjanes Illustration by: Kat Leyh
Cover by: Kyla Vanderklugt
Price: free
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Mouse Guard “The Tale of the Wild Wolf” Written & Illustrated by David Peterson.
The art is subdued. The colors are soft. The mice are drawn to give them human characteristics. Two young mice have a wanderlust that may get them into trouble. Wise words and a warning along with a story of woe may help these youngfur out.
Brave Chef Brianna is written by Sam Sykes, illustrated by Selina Espiritu, colored by Sarah Stern and lettered by Jim Campbell.
Brianna moves to Monster City. She is a human in a city of monsters starting a business and Suzan a harpy type monster is her first employee. Brianna finds out her business may be in trouble right from the start. She is written though as a girl who does not give up easy.
Coady and the Creepers is written by Liz Prince, illustrated by Amanda Kirk, colored by Hannah Fisher, and lettered by Jim Campbell.
The music band members are triplet sisters, Criss, Corey, and Coady. We get to follow along as these girls get ready for a show. Plus we get a creepy little ghost story through in just for fun.

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