RICH REVIEWS: Faro: Summer 1866 

Title: Faro: Summer 1866
Publisher: Faro Comics
Written by: Faro Kane
Cover by: Emil Cabaltierra
Featuring the Talents of Emil Cabaltierra, Savy Lim, Robb Epps, Drayven Blaze, Baby the Bulldog, Jose Varese
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: There is a beautiful fight between two lovely ladies it is filled with an intensity. These beauties have both skill and ferocity. Rachel Rain and Maalick are both so determined.
Abraham Lincoln has featured his life is in jeopardy. He continues on though.
The art at times is dead on illustrating facial expressions and at other times they are done bland and lifeless.
Professor Muzio is a colorful figure all dressed in purple. Professor Faro Kane has joined Muzio and Lincoln. Faro though still wants to find Rachel Rain the Comanche girl.
Maalick and Faro put on a savage dance as they battle. The Shiek Jarrod joins the fight. Maalick and the Sheik press Faro.
Here the question is brought up who exactly is Faro? The one change to history stopping Lincoln’s assassination has created many changes in history.
Wow, talk about an unexpected turn of events. Rachel Rain and where she is now will blow your mind.

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