RICH REVIEWS: Exorcists Never Die

Title: Exorcists Never Die (GN)
Publisher: Mad Cave Studios
Writer: Steve Orlando
Artist: Sebastian Piriz
Letterer: Carlos M. Mangual
Price: $ 24.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Syd and Ellen are exorcists. This story of exorcists starts out different than you might expect. The Hellscraper is an eye-opening building. Syd and Ellen are dressed like the crusaders of old and act like it as they go after the Seven Sins. There is drama as these two had a previous relationship. Yet they are professionals and know what they are doing. This exorcism is unlike any you have seen before.
Syd and Ellen first encounter Sloth his original sin who is illustrated with beautifully done colors and the being Sloth has a look that fits his name. The two exorcists call upon the power of the angels. Each angel has a different power to be called upon.
The story does slowly reveal pieces of information about Syd and Ellen and the situation they are in. Just enough so you know what is going on and who the players are.
Syd and Ellen are working there way through the next step which is Lust. The illustrations here make it seem as if you are inside a giant vagina. Syd and Ellen end up fighting a small army of baby demons here. When the exorcists tap into angel power you get a powerful pin-up page of the angel who’s power they are using.
The story does keep going back to the drama between these two Syd and Ellen former lovers.
The next floor is Gluttony and Syd decides to go it alone as Gluttony has affected him. Ellen must somehow save him from himself. Gluttony is a sight to see and you might not want to see this nightmare. Ellen knocks some sense into Syd and the two team-up to fight Gluttony.
Greed appears as a huge dragon surrounded by gold coins. Greed offers the exorcists everything they could want. Only problem is they most want to defeat him. It is nice to see the two exorcists working together as one.
Next up is Envy. Agian the two exorcists must work together as a team.
Next and last are Wrath and Pride the last two sins for Syd and Ellen to face. Than they can see about saving souls. Pride steps up first. The excorists are done playing around and they blow right through him.
The Soul Auction’s and a Lord of Hell is running the show. The Hell Lord is illustrated perfectly to show his evil. Syd and Ellen these two truly love each other and that gives them more strength.
Ellen is strong and she will take the fight to the bowels of Hell.
This collection of the first six issues is one wild ride through a sin filled place full of demons and for Syd and Ellen they are on the top of the hit list for all the demons.

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