RICH REVIEWS: Euthanizer

Writer/director Teemu Nikki’s Euthanizer injects into theaters this July, and August on VOD, via Uncork’d Entertainment.

A film that “keeps you on your toes” (CinemaScope), Euthanizer provides “a film experience completely different than you’d find in mainstream cinema” (Birth.Movies.Death).

Veijo runs a black-market operation euthanizing people’s ailing pets to make extra money. It is clear he has dark secrets, but only after meeting a young nurse and a seedy mechanic (who’s mixed up with a vicious gang of neo-Nazis) that Veijo’s carefully balanced, albeit deranged, life begins to show cracks. Things turn to the extreme when Veijo does not finish a job he was paid to and his client finds out…in this grungy exploitation throwback.

A “great addition to – and a new take on – the current wave of grungy exploitation independent cinema” (The AV Club), Euthanizer combines horror and humor like never before. Prepare yourself for the film experience of the summer.

Euthanizer will play in L.A theaters (other cities to be announced) from July 20, with a VOD release set for August 7.


Directed by: 
Teemu Nikki

Teemu Nikki

Matti Onnismaa  … Veijo Haukka
Jari Virman  … Petri
Hannamaija Nikander  … Lotta
Heikki Nousiainen  … Martti
Pihla Penttinen  … Ojala
Jouko Puolanto  … Vatanen
Santtu Karvonen  … Fisherman
Alina Tomnikov  … Elisa
Ilari Johansson  … Simo
Rami Rusinen  … Tuomas
Olli Rahkonen  … Antti
Juha Lehti  … Elisa’s father
Anssi Niemi  … Temppu
Joel Hirvonen  … Jomppe
Petri Puttonen  … Doctor
Petri Tiihonen  … Motorist
Jyry Koistinen  … Child #1
Erin Hedberg  … Child #2

Produced by:
Teemu Nikki … producer
Jani Pösö … producer

Run Time: 1 hr, 23 min
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: It is in Finnish so it has English subtitles.
  The Euthanizer is a mean man when it comes to how people treat their animals. This film is a bit disturbing especially if you are a pet owner/lover. He comes across as strange yet he does care about animals. When he puts them down it is to end their suffering.
When the Euthanizer is brought a healthy dog to kill he keeps it. He has a kind heart for animals.
There are secondary stories going on too. Romance is in the air as well. Plus a mechanic finds he is trying to keep his life in order. There are other things as well going on.
Veijo the Euthanizer does go too far at times. He does have a rage inside of him for those who mistreat animals. As the film goes on you can see that his attitude is continually getting worse.
Four white supremacists go too far against Veijo.  Pushing a man who has nothing to lose is a mistake.
This is a dark and disturbing movie with sad moments. You will feel for the characters in different ways.

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