RICH REVIEWS: Elsewhere Volume Two

Title: Elsewhere Volume Two
Publisher: Unlikely Heroes Studios
Writers: various
Artists: various
Front cover by Erwin J. Arroza
Back cover by Sarah White
Table of Contents art by Jon Kutzer
Price: $ 10.99 US (digital)
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Crushed” Written by J. Michael Donohue, Art by Jeremy Simser, Colors by Roman Stevens, and Letters by Micah Myers. A man finds himself in danger. He is in love yet that love takes a backseat here. The moral of this story do not mess with a woman controlling a giant monster. The story does have some surprises in it and the art is well done on the characters showing them as normal while having a giant monster nearby.
“The Trolley Dilemma in Space” Written/Colored by Jeremy Shepherd, Pencils/Inks by Mauricio Campetella, Letters by Anthony Rella, and Color Assistant Lisa Tran-Shepherd Jr.
A train crashes on an alien planet with strange-looking bugs on it. You know there is something up with these bugs right away. The art can be a bit too vague at times, the story is not totally clear.
“Respect your Elders” Written by Jonathan Chance, Art by Ron Joseph, Colors by Theresa Chechi, and Letters by Wes Locher.
A troubled teen is brought to a getaway place. Something happens to her here. The story though does not make any sense. The art is dark and foreboding. You can feel there is an evil here and evil does happen you are just left wondering why?
“Stay in Silence” by Wiktor Talaga, and Aleksandra Machon.
A grandmother and mother are suffering. Her suffering becomes apparent through the use of a device. Then something happens with no explanation so will be confused as to why this happens.
“Zine” Story by Dino Caruso, and Art by Sam Agro.
Zane a young boy proves he is intelligent completing a quest for others yet reaping the rewards for himself. This Zane is a boy who goes after what he wants and cares only for himself.
“Paradise Lost” by Octavia Moon, and Laurie Foster.
Here we see that a soul does make one a living being. Being alive does give one the ability to choose. being here chooses she wants to live. The people are illustrated to look lovely they do.
“Viva the Hunter” by Forrest Depoy, Bell Mimieux, Carlos Cara Alvarez, and LettersSquids.
A nice little story about a girl hunting monsters and her friend a werewolf. The monsters are scary-looking. The girl is a fighter and written and drawn as one. The story though is continued.
“The Pool of Tears Saloon” by Gene Selassie, Jun Joe Monares, and Hopkins.
This is another to be continued story. A woman Alice is hunting for someone or something it is all really unclear. The wild west bar setting is nice and the barkeep great the art is t vague. The colors are done too soft.
“The Beanstalk” Written by John Crowther, and Art by Jorge Luis Gabotto.
Aw, this is such a touching story. It has a few surprises in it and a few differences from the classic tale. This is just a beautiful story with great art and the two combined will touch your heart.
“Merry Christmas, Krampus” Written and Lettered by Eddy Headington, and Art by Rafael Gallardo.
Sometimes those we think are evil are yet they can do the right thing and do a good deed. This story does deliver a well-thought-out story that is touching. A Christmas wish is granted.
“Stayin’ Alive” Story by John Pence, and Art by Amelia Woo.
Different kind of Private Investigator story. The things that happen and the way the PI acts are surprising. The PI in some ways you will like him and others hate him. His personality is rude and obnoxious.
“Eye of the Amazon” by Victor Santiago, and Bolu Oriowo.
A man looking for the City of Gold and he finds something entirely different than he expects. It is a cute funny story. The Amazon Warrior is cute.
“Operation Spinney” by Dino Caruso, and Simon Fernandes.
This is a weird story about a scientist and a military man. They both look at things so differently. The story is way too short yet it is still fun.
“The Dark Light” by Stan Yak, and John Pence.
Great art and a great set really draw you into the story and then the characters are so interesting yet it all goes nowhere. There is no point at all in the story.
“Synthecide” Script by Wiktor Talaga, and Art by Jaroslaw Ejsymont.
An android has questions about his life. Is he human or a monster? He has questions and only he has the answers.
“Now all is Silver Blue” Written by Jonathan Chance, and Art by Emilio Utrera.
A father who is also a son tries his best to save his family. The story needed to be longer and include more about what is going on. The snowy scenes are drawn well giving them a bleak appearance.
“Miss Medusa’s Monstrous Menagerie” by Paul Hanley, and Matt Frank.
Cute story with mythical creatures in it that act as if they are human. It’s business as usual. The gorgon now she is drawn beautifully.
“Reptilian” by Gabe Ostley.
This story starts without any words, the second half has words yet neither part makes any sense.
“When Our Worlds Collide!” by Sean Mack, Michael Watson, Danny J. Quick, Morgan Iverson, Tony Klapper, Lashawn Colvin, Josh Lucas, Lonnie Lowe Jr., Ramel Hill, Daniel Kalban, Charlie Mcelvy, William Satterwhite, Caius Scherwhite, Federico Scio Jr., and Matt Bowers.
Lots of cool-looking superheroes here. The comic here is just one ad for a bunch of comics and there is no story it’s just a collection of pieces from a bunch of different comic books.
“It Doesn’t Get Better” by Kyle Lawrence, and Alan Bay.
This is only one page long so not much at all to this.
“Together Forever” Written by J. Michael Donohue, and Art & Letters Jeremiah Schiek.
This is a love story with a twist. A man gets a second chance to be together with his family and he takes it. The artwork looks great on his wife.
“The Seeker” by Sarah White, and Katy Rewston.
A story that does not totally make sense. Something is going on but what exactly who knows. The art does give the story a feeling of dread. Yet nothing happens.
“Blizzard” Written/Created by John Crowther, Art by Oscar Pinto, and Letters by Hector Negrete.
This story has some cool art, especially of the Wendigo. The story itself makes little to no sense. Nothing is explained. Why is anything happening here, and who are the people involved?
“A Real Selfie” Art by Seth Martel, and Written by Stephanie Nina Pitsirilos.
This is a story that just is it does not have much to offer, no thrills or chills. The gold and skeletons look good but the story is just there.
“Speech is Silver” by Massimilio Grotti and Lorenzo Colangeli.
A man comes to town and brings some business for the local undertaker. The man has one awesome gun. You have to see this. He knows how to use it too. The setting and characters will remind you of an old Clint Eastwood western.
“Pensioner’s Holiday” Story by Nathan Chio, Art by Craig Florence, Colors by Shaun Struble, and Letters by Jerome Gagnon.
An older retired lady has a nice holiday abroad. She enjoys it so much and finds a thrilling pass time to do on it. The story is delivered in a calm smoothly flowing manner that works so well. The art is subdued which also works great for this story.
“Arrowhead” by Damian Wampler, Andrea Montano, Timothy Sparvero, and Rodolfo Martinez.
This is an excerpt from a comic based on Moby Dick. It is enough to make you want to see more.
There is a rich variety of stories here.

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