RICH REVIEWS: Eden Untamed Planet Episode Seven – Making of

Episode Seven – Making of
Air Date: Saturday, September 4 at 8 pm ET/9c on BBC America and AMC+

Narrated by: Helena Bonham Carter
Edit Produced by: Christina Nutter, Jo Avery, Libby Prins, Natasha Fellows, Vicky Matthews
Film Editors: Bobby Sheikh, Darren Flaxstone, Pete Brownlee, Rama Bowley, Sarah Bright, Adam Coates, Lee Buers
Cinematography: Cede Prudente, Chris Tan, Dave Mothershaw, Domenico Pontillo, Jack Hynes, Javier Mahauad, Joshua Vela, Justine Evans, Luke Barnett, Nathan Pilcher, Sam Oakes, Tom Ross, Tom Walker, Will Foster-Grundy, Hannah Hoare, Jo Haley, Justine Allan, Natasha Fellows, Oscar Furness, Rowan Aitchison
Production Manager: Francesca Maxwell
Production Executive: Susan Aartse-Tuyn
Head of Production: Maria Norman
Series Producer: Steve Cole
Executive Producer: Mark Brownlow

Run Time: 46 min, 45 sec
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: So many beautiful scenes are shot by these people. It is a hard job and yes it can be dangerous as well.
In Borneo the crew hikes through the jungle. We get up close and personal with some insects here. The team also filmed some orangutans. Filming them has many hardships rain, heights, leaches, and more.
Desert Elephants are hard to find. They actually get stuck in the mud in the desert. Lucky for the film crews the water attracts elephants. Elephants are huge majestic beasts.
Black Rhinos and the crew meet them and one charges. The crew does capture one in particular.
Iguanas are filmed underwater. The raging water makes getting the shots hard yet the crew does it. We see them in their natural habitat.
In Alaskia the scenery alone is worth watching this to see. The crew of people spends lots of time just waiting for the shots, for the animals to do as they want. A 700 hundred pound Grizzy is an animal they have to be careful around.
The team was filming for over a year. In South America, you will see some cold climates and also warmer ones. Flamingo chicks are a focus here. The chicks look so cute and we get to see them so close.
In these far off-the-grid places, the team must depend on only themselves.
These films show off the beautiful planet Earth and all the creatures that inhabit it. Our planet and its creatures are a thing of beauty. We need to keep it and them that way.

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