RICH REVIEWS: Eden Untamed Planet Episode Five – Patagonia: The Ends of the Earth

Episode Five – Patagonia: The Ends of the Earth
Air Date: Saturday, August 21 at 8 pm ET/9c on BBC America and AMC+

Narrated by: Helena Bonham Carter
Produced and Directed by: Justine Allan
Film Editor: Bobby Sheikh
Inside Eden Edit Producer: Sarah Bright
Cinematography: Tom Ross, Domenico Pontillo, Dave Mothershaw, Tom Walker, Richard Szkiler, Santiago Cabral, Mark Yates, Dani Mendoza
Assistant Producer: Jo Avery
Researchers: Chloe Mnatzaganian, Catalina Aristizabal Medina, Charlie Hearst, Alicia Hodson

Run Time: 55 min, 44 sec
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The narrator’s voice makes you want to listen and follow this, she has a genuine interest in the tone of her voice for what she is saying.
The mountainous scenes are beautiful. The Atacama Desert has a unique covering. The Flamingo chicks live there in abundance. They do face dangers though and food is hard to find.
In the mountains, the Viscacha a cute chinchilla-like creature roams. Watching them sunbathe is fun. An Andean Cat is a sleek feline who also watches the Viscacha. The Andean Condor is a majestic bird as it flies high. The Guanaco have such a lovely coloring of their fur. The Guanaco must watch out for the Puma. You do get to see prey and predator up close. We get to watch all the animals as they interact with each other and we see how they manage to survive if they do.
The Hooded Grebe has a wonderful mating ritual. They seem to have fun interacting.
The Monkey Puzzle Trees are a sight to see. Within the rainforest, there are so many animals that are astonishing to see up close.
The seals are huge creatures and they are competitive. They will attack each other to prove who is the better one.
The glacier is beautiful to behold. The blue-colored ice is gorgeous. Along the coastline are about two million Magellanic Penguins they are noisy. At night time the filming captures some great footage of what happens then.
Patagonia is a beautiful place and you are treated to seeing up close and personal the gorgeous landscape of this land and all the wonderful animals that live here.

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