RICH REVIEWS: Dusk Vol. 1 

Title: Dusk Vol. 1
Publisher: Dusk Comics
Written and Created by: David Doub
Pencils by: Maki Naro, Jerry Gonzales, Franc Czuba
Inks by: Chris Scott, Jerry Gonzales
Letters by: Jaymes Reed
Price: $ 10.00 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Eve and Ash do make a cute “couple.” Eve adores Ash and he has an attitude of indifference. One is a Vampire Lord the other a mortal girl. Yet these two do go together well. Eve though is used more in this story while Ash sits in the background.
The art style is minimalistic black and white. The facial expressions while simple brings across the emotions and thoughts extremely well. The action scenes are drawn intensely.
Eve is a tough girl and a ruthless fighter. She also cares about others. Eve really does know how to kick major butt.
Eve and Ash do have a unique relationship. Their relationship is based on love and Eve’s dependence on his blood. Ash is a stoic individual yet we do see that he cares about Eve.
Eve is like an unstoppable force when she gets moving. She does not only battle vampires but all manner of evil. Supernatural menaces should beware when Eve is around they are going down.
Eve is about a human in a vampire’s world. At times you will forget she is only human.

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