RICH REVIEWS: Duplicant # 2

Title: Duplicant # 2
Publisher: Karla Gadecki
Writer/Creator: Karla Nappi
Art: Marianna Strychowska
Lettering/Production: Carlos M. Mangual
Cover Art: Leila Del Duca/Colors Owen Gieni
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Matt Travers now works to help others but he nanotech is being abused and he knows it. He is a caring man and wants to help others. He knows his nano techs help others and keeps them alive but at a cost and that cost he now wants to find out the truth about. Is it too high? There is a mystery here.
Matt is haunted by his wife and children’s memories. He uses them though to make himself stronger and to do the right thing. Matt is a good guy and just wants to help people and he wants a cure for this virus. His nanotech organs though save lives and he lives with them. The thought that he may be responsible in some way for deaths drives him to push to solve this mystery.
The art is gorgeously done the cars are so sleek and aerodynamic. The colors look amazing. The people are beautifully illustrated to show what they are thinking and how they feel.
The villain is made apparent this issue.
Pam’s mother is shown the woman who died from the donor tech and we look at things from her perspective. A mother who lost her daughter. As you think about Pam you will feel sad at the waste, at the loss, she did not deserve what she got. The mother you will feel for her.
This is a dramatic series about a future that could actually exist. The things here could really happen.

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