RICH REVIEWS: Duplicant # 1

Title: Duplicant # 1
Publisher: Karla Gadecki
Writer/Creator: Karla Nappi
Art: Marianna Strychowska
Lettering/Production: Josh Reed
Cover Art: Leila Del Duca/Colors Owen Gieni
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The settings in this future are beautifully illustrated and the designs of the cars are sleek things of beauty. The people are drawn with their emotions expressed so you can read them easily.
In the future, there is a pandemic going on and the world is suffering. The human race faces organ failure and the price is high to survive it.
For one woman Pam, her life has changed dramatically due to her organ failure. Pam is a wonderful character she is so hopeful and full of life. You will find yourself rooting for her.
There are references to a sickness that resembles the Corvid-19 virus. So this virus going around has similarities to it.
For Pam, her life was going great than the organ failure changed all that. Now Regenerist with Matt Travers organ replacements has changed the world. Yes, lives are saved but the cost may be too high.
Pam now takes measures into her own hands. She steps up and stands up for herself. Will Matt do the same?
This issue introduces Matt and tells you a little about him and it fills you in on what is going on in the world. For some, the world is not all that nice a place. Those who get sick are treated like second class citizens or worse.
This issue certainly does draw you into the story and gets you involved with wanting to know more.

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