RICH REVIEWS: Dungeon. Zenith, Vol. 5 Fog & Tears

Title: Dungeon. Zenith, Vol. 5 Fog & Tears (GN)
Publisher: NBM
Writer: Joann Sfar
Artist/Cover Artist: Lewis Trondheim
Price: $ 17.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: Herbert the duck’s wife is having a baby. His wife Isis’s people have much different customs. The customs are deadly so Herbert loving his new born baby runs off to protect it. His wife thinks customs are more important then safety. Isis is shown as a caring mother who starts to rethik things she really does want what is best for her and Herbet’s baby.
Why Herbert is leading a group of Necromancers through a dungeon is not fully explained or who they are. This ends up being skipped over.
It would be nice to see more emotions with what happens you would expect it. Herbert and his wife both should be filled with grief yet we see no signs of it.
Some little kid goes all wild he is Isis’s and Herbert’s son, he just pops into the story. No explanation is given why or how.
The ending does give you a nice heartwarming feeling.
“Incantatory Spell” Alcibades gets Marvin’s help to help others. Marvin is a dragon with an axe. Marvin talks in a way that is hard to understand. Marvin it is easy to see is a warrior who enjoys fighting.
The art is well done showing each character and with so many animorphic characters used you get a large variety of looking characters.
There is magic going on not a great deal though. The magic when used for a variety of effects that are still amazing to see and think about.
Aparmasee the Central Elf Library is illustrated as a majestic building it has a artistic aesthetic that is pleasing to gaze at.
The characters are all interesting and if we learned more about them it would have improved it immensely. The story does have things happening yet it lacks focus.

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