RICH REVIEWS: Dungeon Twilight Vol. 1-2

Title: Dungeon Twilight Vol. 1-2 Cemetery of the Dragon (GN)
Publisher: NBM
Written by: Joann Sfar
Art by: Lewis Trondheim & Kerascoet
Translation by: Joe Johnson
Lettering by: Ortho
Price: $ 19.99 US, $ 26.99 Can
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This book collects the first four stories of Twilight.
“Cemetery of the Dragon” The Dust King gets a guide in the form of a bat. The Dust King and the Bat are joined by Marvin a rabbit. They set out on an adventure that is full of danger.
Marvin the Red and the bat are meeting lots of strange characters an their journey. The two of them are becoming buddies. You can see a bond forming.
The art style here is one that fits the characters used. It uses animals and does a great job of giving them human characteristics.
“Volcano of the Vaucanson” Here the Dust King and the Grand Khan get into a fight which leads to flight for the armies of the Grand Khan are multitudes. Marven gets a wonderful suit of armor that comes with weapons to. The bat and Marvin and the Dust King do manage to escape yet the Dust King had been severely injured.
“Armageddon” Well Marvin is now what the Dust King is called and Herbert is now what Marvin is called.
There is a lot of fighting in this part. Marvin does get into a ton of trouble. Well with what happens it is expected. There is a lot ofrunning around here although not a lot is accomplished.
“The Dojo of the Lagoon Hereupon” Ok the Red Rabbit, Marvin the Dust King and the Bat are all together again and traveling.
The Dust King just wants to see his children. He is a father who cares about his children and also his wife. He does not care for the laws of his people though. Marvin the Red now has girl troubles. He always seems to somehow end up coming out on top. He has amazing luck.
The ending here is it just stops while the story is going on. It does not really end. The story is being told and then nothing.
The characters are wonderful and as you learn more about them you will come to fully appreciate them. This comic is a wild ride that is off the wall, as in way out there.

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