RICH REVIEWS: Dune: House Harkonnen # 8

Title: Dune: House Harkonnen # 8
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Written by: Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson
Illustrated by: Fran Galan
Colored by: Patricio Delpeche
Lettered by: Ed Dukeshire
Cover by: Raymond Swanland
Variant Covers by: Reiko Murakami, Zu Orzu
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Arrakis. In space above Arrakis a Guild Navigator is shown. Yes, it once was human and now it’s something else.
IX Underground City of Vernii. Here a call for help goes out. The way it is told it is unclear if it was received.
Salusa Secundus Imperial Prison Planet. Here we see plans are in motion. Gurney, Weichih, and Earl Dominic Vernius of IX work together.
Kaitain Imperial Palace. Here Abullurd Harkonnen Siridar Governor of Lankiveil makes a change in his life. How this will affect him and others around him we do not yet know, it is a mystery.
Giedi Prime Spaceport Harkonnen Frigate. The Baron does have some evil plans for Rabban’s brother. The Barron is drawn with lots of expressive facial expressions.
Ginaz. Duncan Idaho and Hiih Resser must survive their final test to become sword masters. Duncan Idaho becomes the new Sword Master of Ginaz.
Guild Heighliner. Dominic Vernius returns home to find it has changed greatly from when he was last there. He knows he has to take action.
Lankivell Tula Fjord. Rabban makes a move in Barron’s name. This is an act of pure malice. Rabban is shown only to be happy to be leading this act to destroy others.
Arrakis South Polar Smuggler Base. Liet a Freeman returns home and finds himself and his friend in danger. The danger strikes hard and fast.
It is so beautifully written that way each location and the characters mentioned flow along so smoothly throughout the entire issue.

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