RICH REVIEWS: Dune: House Harkonnen # 11

Title: Dune: House Harkonnen # 11
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Written by: Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson
Illustrated by: Michael Shelfer
Colored by: Patricio Delpeche
Lettered by: Ed Dukeshire
Cover by: Raymond Swanland
Variant Covers by: Reiko Murakami, Raymond Swanland
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Arrakis. A man does get what he wants but there is a cost to it. So his wedding day is both happy and sad. He is a good man and he does deserve the happiness he gets.
Ginaz Main Island of the Swordmaster School. The attack on the school has hurt them deeply. Duncan Idaho could help here yet he goes where he is most needed back to Caladan. It was always the plan.
Caladan. Duke Leto has suffered a grave loss. Yet he still acts as Duke knowing he has duties. One person feels the grief she has wrought and it drives her to atone in the only way she can. Things are too well here in Caladan.
Lankiveil. Lord Rabban learns his father is much like him. Neither is to be trusted. The cavern illustrated here is a dark brooding place.
Bifrost Eyrie. The peace and quiet here is broken. Lord Rabban’s arrival changes that. Lord Rabban does make it clear he is an unfeeling evil beast.
Castle Caladan. The Duke is in pain over his loss. He though still shows mercy on a guard who does not deserve it.
Everywhere it seems is sad here. All planets are suffering.
Cala City Spaceport. Duncan Idaho has returned home and is now ready to serve his Lord.
Planet Richese Artificial Moon of Korona. Here plans are made to help Prince Rhomba he was badly injured. Dr. Yueh will get to use his new research.
Castle Caladan. Duke Leto Atreides is offered something of high value from the Tleilaxu. The Duke does what is best for his people for House Atreides. He does stand up proud and strong and does what he knows to be right.

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