RICH REVIEWS: Drumsticks of Doom # 2

Title: Drumsticks of Doom # 2
Publisher: Part-Time Comix
Created and Story by: Dan Dougherty N’ Jon Westhoff
Art: Dan Dougherty
Script, Logo N’ Letters: Jon Westhoff
Cover: Kelly Williams
Variant Cover: Mat Festa
Art – Pages One to Three: Ryan Vella
Additional Logo: Dave Jordan
Pin-Up: Ross Radke
Price: $ 6.00 US
Rating: 1 out of 5 stars
Comments: This is a black-and-white comic with some nice lines to the art. The demons herein are evil creatures and are drawn to look dangerous.
A man who would be king fights a demon with his Sword of Kings. Lana is a beautiful woman who has weird dreams about a man with a sword.
This world does seem a little different. They do talk about metal music a lot. A recap of issue one would have been great to tell us who these characters are and what is going on. Lana does get into a fight and her drumsticks look like they are on fire literally. Why? Are they magical? There seems to be some kind of cult with a guy. Who either are and why they are here would be great to know. Neil knows magic too, how and why?
Now a woman and her werewolves are watching Lana. Who are they and why are they now after Lana or the guy with her? This comic needs to offer some explanations. Leaving out a basic storyline does not work.
The art itself is well done. The werewolves look amazingly strong and fierce. The characters are drawn great and they do show off how they feel.
Still, this issue needed a solid storyline and at least some introductions to the characters, why should the reader care about them?

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