RICH REVIEWS: Draw Blood: A Horror Anthology Vol. 1 No. 1

draw-blood-coverTitle: Draw Blood: A Horror Anthology Vol. 1 No. 1
Publisher: Top Secret Press
Story: various
Art: various
Cover A: Todd Benstead/Colors Julia Riitjoki
Cover B: Rafael Lanhellas/Colors Ivan Nunes
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The Endless Walk; story Hannu Kesola, art Todd Benstead, colors Julia Riitijoki and letters Mike Stock.
here we see the life of a zombie. A twist to the story is what if the human soul stayed trapped inside the body. The suffering that the human part would go through is insufferable. The mere thought of it is terrifying.
Even A Man Who Is Pure; story,inks Hannu Kesola, pencils Ricardo Sanchez, colors Memo Regalado and letters Taylor Espinito.
The creature art is gorgeous. It has a power to it. The story is short but it has a wonderful build up. The characters you see briefly still though you are drawn to the prisoner.
The Last Laugh; story Hannu Kesola, art, colors & letters Steven Bagatzky.
Mary has prepared for the end of the world. We are shown how people treat the end of the world sayers. This story though answers the question what if they were right. Mary is illustrated as just an ordinary woman which fits the story.
Back From The Dead; story Hannu Kesola, art Mauro Bueno, colors Ville Vuorinen and letters HdE.
A dying man wants to live forever and he decides on how to do that. A plague turned some people into zombies and it spread. Now this man has his plan and well it is a sad one since it ends with him not even knowing or caring about his plan. There is some nicely done shambling art.
The Animal In Me; story Hannu Kesola, art Antti Kosonen, colors Harri Honkala and letters Alex Giles.
This story is predictable how it will go and end. Still it is fun to read and has a certain flair to it. The build up is fast and you see the end coming but it still brings some horror with it. The art is undefined and at times flat.
The Death Of Brian; story Lee Newman, art Helmut Racho, colors Harri Honkala and letters Alex Giles.
Poor Brian his name sounds a lot like brains. For a zombie though it seems right. The graveyard scenes are dark and scooky.
This is a wonderfully frighteningly collection of tales that will touch you on a level you may not want to be touched on.

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