Chronicling the history of Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four (1994), DOOMED! features never before seen footage from the production as well as new on-camera interviews with cast and crew including Mr. Corman, Jay Underwood, Michael Bailey Smith, Joseph Culp, Alex Hyde-White and Rebecca Staab.

Title: DOOMED! The Untold Story of Roger Corman’s The Fantastic Four
Produced by: Doomed Films
Director/Editor: Marty Langford
Executive Producer: Mark Sikes
Produced by: Marty Langford, Mark Sikes
Director of Photography: Oktay Ortabasi
Featuring: Carl Ciarfalio, Roger Corman, Joseph Culp, Jonathan Fernandez, Glenn Garland, Kat Green, Chris Gore, Sean Howe, Alex Hyde-White, Lloyd Kaufman, Oley Sassone, Mark Sikes, Michael Bailey Smith, Rebecca Staab, Jay Underwood, John Vulich
Run Time: 124 minutes
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: This is a documentary about the first live action Fantastic Four movie. We get to see all the various people involved in making this movie. This was a movie that was never suppose to be shown.
We get a glimpse into the steps to making this movie. We get to see the actors all in costume and they do look great considering the budget they were working with. Plus it is always great to see Jack “The King” Kirby’s art which was the base that this version of the Fantastic Four was based on.
The effects on the Thing were amazing. What they accomplished with so little.
The money just was not there to make this movie as great as it could have been Roger Corman and all the others did the best job they could on such a limited budget.
This was the last Marvel film not made by Marvel Comics. As this documentary goes on you get a feel for how much the people involved in it wanted it to be a success. The odds were against them though.
Than the promotion started having the actors promoting the film. Going to cons and anything else they could. The trailer was being shown. A screening was planned. Than legally they were told to stop. No release for the film was to happen. It looks as if it was planned that way from the start.
You are given the reason this film was not released. It makes sense but it should not have been done. The actual actors in the film were the ones who lost out the most.
The actors come across as so thrilled when the film did leak out and underground copies showed up at conventions and online. This film was a labor of love.

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