Title: Domain (Paperback)
Publisher: Expanding Realms Publishing
Author: Mike Baron
Cover Design by: Rod Underhill
Price: $ 18.00 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Chapter 1: The Bifurcated Girl.
A spell checker and grammar checker were needed badly in this book.
Phil and Jesse are friends and while out together they make a gruesome find. This is the type of thing that will scar a person for life.
Chapter 2: The House.
The house looks like a Mayan Temple. Kendall a comic book artist is looking at buying it.
Chapter 3: An Unexpected Dividend.
Kendall’s tour of the house shows him some surprise bonuses that come with it. The place is dusty so it has sat for a while. It is also a huge place. The descriptions help you to use your imagination and picture the house in your mind.
Chapter 4: Nate.
Kendall gets a job so he can now afford the house. This chapter introduces us to his friend and boss Nate. The story is flowing along nicely.
Chapter 5: Moving Day.
Well the packing and moving goes without a hitch. Everything is going along just great for Kendall.
Chapter 6: Neighbors.
The neighbor is a pleasant surprise. Things are going along so perfectly for Kendall. So you know something will come up eventually. The story is setting it up nicely.
Chapter 7: Torrance.
Torrance seems like a nice enough neighbor. He does and says everything you would expect. Here we start to get an idea that this house may not be as normal as expected. You can feel something building.
Chapter 8: Ride the Wild Surf.
The house does have many many things in it as Kendall explores his new place.
Chapter 9: Dinner Next Door.
Things are going nice and normal for Kendall as he dines with his neighbors. They are good people. The story is flowing along great.
Chapter 10: Voices in the Night.
Now things are starting. You get a taste of what is to come. This chapter gets you wondering.
Chapter 11: Meeting of the Minds.
Kendall finds his scruples are for sale. It is t bad when you do have to do something you really do not want to but that is life.
Chapter 12: Night Moves.
The basement he has still not been down to. It will peak your curiosity.
Chapter 13: Call Me.
Kendall finds out at a party that he has to learn how to behave like a person and not a fan boy. Which he is.
Chapter 14: The House That Screamed.
The screaming is it real or not? It is starting to annoy Kendall. He wants to know for sure what it is. The tension builds a little bit.
Chapter 15: The Basement.
In the basement the place is filled with all sorts of goodies. The place is a treasure trove. Kendall is one lucky guy.
Chapter 16: First and Last Dates.
Kendall is a good guy and he is shown here acting appropriately when he did not need to. He is a decent guy.
Chapter 17: The Desk.
The desk is a huge piece of furniture and contains a surprise. There are lots of surprises in this book.
Chapter 18: Take a Letter, Maria.
The man Kendall bought the house from was a great director but not as good a human being.
Chapter 19: Crowd Funding.
People do want to take advantage of you as soon as you have money. Kendall is thankful for the break from it while moving.
Chapter 20: Night Moves.
Kendall is still hearing screaming in his house. It does keep you wondering.
Chapter 21: Research.
Kendall does some research on Frank Wallanda the former house owner.
Chapter 22: Portia.
Here the possibility that the house is haunted comes up.
Chapter 23: Taking Stock.
Kendall may be still rich with all the stuff in his new house left by the previous owner. He seems unsure though about selling it.
Chapter 24: Nate’s Theorem.
Nate’s theory about having sex and why he does not like fat women.
Chapter 25: Let If Slide.
More screams in the house.
Chapter 26: Shapiro.
Kendall adopts a puppy and names it Shapiro. The screams are mentioned but there are none. Something is going to happen concerning them.
Chapter 27: Wyrick World.
Kendall gets a date without trying and he actually likes her.
Chapter 28: Building Blocks.
Someone is killing people in town. This is mentioned several times so how does it tie-in.
Chapter 29: It Lives.
Well, things pick up even more. The house may not be the only thing haunted.
Chapter 30: Off the Pig.
Kendall gets a chance of another job. Will he take it? It is still not his idea of a job he really wants.
Chapter 31: Coffee Table Book.
Cars and books are the focus this chapter. Both seem fine.
Chapter 32: Chez Fez.
Kendall and Ronnie are on a date that is going great. These two make a nice fit.
Chapter 33: Presto.
Kendall and Ronnie do have a great time on their date. These two are so great together.
Chapter 34: Rude Awakening.
Things get real for Kendall. He finds himself with a problem caused by the house.
Chapter 35: Bloody Sunday.
Kendall has an exciting morning but he handles it well. Yes, blood was spilled.
Chapter 36: The Toy Box.
The surprises in this house just keep coming. Another surprise awaits Kendall on the news.
Chapter 37: Set List.
Kendall decides to have an exorcism. The house basement has him scared. No proof of anything but he feels frightened.
Chapter 38: Crazy Talk.
Kendall invites his neighbor to attend a seance at his house. The supernatural aspect of this story is rearing its head.
Chapter 39: Surprise.
There is sexual scenes in this book that might just make you blush. Kendall and Ronnie do have a good time.
Chapter 40: Best Screw Ever.
The seance is set. You will find yourself anticipating it. You just know something will happen.
Chapter 41: Bree.
Kendall’s meeting with the wife of the former owner of the house has an ominous atmosphere to it.
Chapter 42: Philosopher’s Stone.
The basement of the house has a bunch of stones in it not just ordinary stones but runes from all over the world.
Chapter 43: Burn the Films.
In the house are nasty sex films that Kendall wants to be destroyed, but how?
Chapter 44: Dollar Tour.
Mr. Merkle is given a tour of the house. He is helping with the seance.
Chapter 45: Killer on the Strip.
The killer from the news makes his move on another victim. How does he tie into the house?
Chapter 46: Bonfire.
All those nasty sex tapes Kendall takes care of.
The story is starting to drag on Kendall is living his life and dealing with things but the house is still there and we are not progressing enough with it.
Chapter 47: Orbit.
Bree dies of natural causes. There does seem to be lots of people dying.
Chapter 48: Date Night.
Ronnie comes over and plays with Kendall. They have fun.
Chapter 49: Seance.
The seance is revealing and it gets lots of ghostly guests. This grabs your attention again and gets you focused on the spirits.
Chapter 50: The Cops.
The spirits have stuck. Now we know there is danger. You will be following along closer now.
Chapter 51: The Dungeon.
Kendall and Ronnie visit the Dungeon. It is a cool place for geeks or anyone.
Chapter 52: Darryl.
This chapter is strange and stuff happens but it does not help much to progress the story.
Chapter 53: Memorial Service.
They attend a funeral. Not much happens here other than a nice funeral.
Chapter 54: Worry.
Kendall is still worried about the break-in at his house.
Chapter 55: Late Night Phone Call.
This chapter is about Portia the medium and her childhood. It is strange having it here. Than something unexpected happens that will give you a chill.
Chapter 56: On the Prowl.
The killer is on the streets. Does he have anything to do with the house? As you read about him you will get a feeling of pure evil.
Chapter 57: Punch the Gut.
This chapter is so sad. It comes out of nowhere at you and hits you full on.
Chapter 58: Mind of its Own.
Kendall’s corvette does seem to have a mind of its own. Plus it is hinted at here as to what it was that caused the sadness in the last chapter.
Chapter 59: What’s One More.
The corvette is it haunted or controlled by the house? The story does not let you know so your left guessing. It is a mystery still.
Chapter 60: What the Car Knew.
Stranger chapter about a strange car and where it leads Kendall.
Chapter 61: The Detonator.
Good news at work for Kendall. The story reads like a person’s real life as they still have to live it even when strange things are going on in it.
Chapter 62: A Startling Discovery.
A body found and identified. So Kendall solved a very mystery.
Chapter 63: The Stones
The runes in the basement all have something to do with sex. So where is this story going?
Chapter 64: Night Witch.
A little humor here to lighten the mood. It is cute but still had you expecting something else. Something sinister.
Chapter 65: The Phone Rang.
Portia the medium gets a couple phone calls. Than disaster strikes.
The comic con though is described well. Obviously the author has been to one or more.
Chapter 67: Coffee With the Man.
Wyrick is out and about. What his role in this story is uncertain. What is a nedrebo? Your curiosity will be peaked.
Chapter 68: Bad Manor.
Kendall gets all kinds of offers at the comic con. What comes across is that he is a nice guy.
Chapter 69: Dead Man’s Curve.
Kendall heads back home to check on Ronnie she may be in danger. Plus the house is acting up more. The way it is written does not come across as scary.
Chapter 70: House of the Setting Sun.
Kendall is back home and this time the house is a live. Now the setting is getting frightening. Danger is looming.
Chapter 71: Trunk Music.
Torrance stumbles across a discovery. You can feel his uncertainty, his worry, his questions.
Chapter 72: Ming the Merciless.
The story is winding down to its conclusion. There are still so many unanswered questions though.
Chapter 73: Snipe Hunt.
The question of what is the Nedrebo arises again. Plus more surprises and more death.
Chapter 74: Nedrebo.
Well the ending to the evil here is certainly not what you woud expect. It is though somewhat anti-climatic.
Chapter: 75: Stockholder’s Meeting.
Well the book ends.
The book does flow along smoothly and the chapters go together nicely. The characters are interesting and ones you can identify with. Kendall is a likable guy.
The story itself though never seems to hit its pace. Where exactly is it going? It never really seems to get there. There is no punch line, no firm conclusion. Plus there are a lot of unanswered questions. You are left hanging.
It is a good read but could have been so much better. The story needed to be more focused on the horror aspect. Kendall is such a perfect character to use in this type of story. He is someone all of us can identify with.

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