RICH REVIEWS: Disposable Legends # 1

Title: Disposable Legends # 1
Publisher: T-Pub
Writer: Terry Mayo
Artist/Cover: Lucas Romero
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: At Gettysburg, Pennsylvania it is Blue vs. Grey. A TV station broadcasts a show about the civil war and one of the actors is upset and takes things to far with his gun.
After the battle, we see the men in a scientific place and someone mentions they were made for their roles. So you start wondering what is going on?
The one man Hooker is a real flirt. It is fun watching him try and get shot down.
Halfway through the comic, we are finally told what is going on and the set up for something really amazing starts.
The ARC (Absolute Redemption Combat) company has set up some new fights. King Lionheart and his knights face off against Vlad and his companions. The fight is more like a slaughter.
What if you could re-create the worst fighters in history and televise their new battles. Would people crave the blood?
The art is well done and fits the story nicely. Vlad is an impressive figure. The preview of who else is to come will have you coming back for more. You will not want to miss one of these battles.

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