RICH REVIEWS: Dirty Work At The Crossroads #1

Title: Dirty Work At The Crossroads #1
Publisher: Evoluzione Publishing
Story by: Joshua Metzger
Art by: Carlos Nieto
Colors by: Marco Della Verde
Edits by: Marcel Dupree
Logo by: Ed Lavallee
Design by: Loris Ravina
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The scene is like a post apocalyptic alien world. Sunday Childs a beautiful woman is making sure an illegal deal of some kind goes down smoothly. Of course it does not.
We are given a peak at Sunday’s childhood. She was one tough little girl and still is.
Sunday now has a lot happening from being captured to being executed to escaping all happen fast and provide plenty of action.
The Mother now she is an imposing person. Now one thing leads to another and Sunday gets the job of taking care of Queen Mab. One ruler using a chess piece to take out another ruler. Sunday has become the assassin.
Queen Mab is also an imposing figure. She knows the Mother is after her and will be ready. Queen Mab and Sunday Childs will meet soon and all hell will break loose. Someone is going to die.
The pin-up after the story is beautiful it shows Sunday as a killer yet her face suggests remorse. It is a very gory scene. The sample pages for upcoming issues feature off the scale violence.
Women rule and run this planet and they are not your weak frail flowers these women are warriors and rulers.

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