RICH REVIEWS: Dinosaur Explorers # 8

Title: Dinosaur Explorers # 8 Lord of the Skies
Publisher: Papercutz
Story: Redcode & Albbie
Art: Air Team
Cover Illustration: Redcode & Samu
Cover Color: Max
Interior Color: Eva, Max, Siew & Funfun
Price: $ 12.99 US (paperback), $ 16.99 US (hardcover)
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This comic will have you learning as you enjoy the wonderful artwork that presents dinosaurs as beautiful and sometimes terrifying creatures.
Chapter 1: Resting Play
The team is resting and relaxing.
Here we see the Doc peeking at the young girls bathing thinking they are nude. He is a dirty old man after under aged girls. This scene should not really have been included in a book for all ages.
Rain goes hunting for food in this strange place in the past. The kids do get to go on some amazing adventures in the prehistoric past.
Chapter 2: Look to the Skies!
The boys get to help out a Quetzalcoatlus. The flying dinosaur is beautifully colored.
In between each chapter you do learn about the creatures featured in this issue. There are brief well written and illustrated pages in between the story chapter.
Chapter 3: Fishing for Trouble
The boys have lots of freshly caught fish which a few flying dinosaurs decide would make a better meal for them than for the boys. The three boys do face danger as the fish they caught are attacked. Yes it is high flying thrills and chills here.
Chapter 4: Finding Their Way
Sean, Rain and Stone may have lost their fish yet they find some eggs and big ones. Eating eggs has never been this dangerous especially when they bite back.
Chapter 5: Team Egg-Venture
The Quetzalcoatlus is a big menacing creature. As if one was not bad enough now there are two. During the Cretaceous period it was a dangerous time especially for people who do not belong there.
Chapter 6: Flight of the Conquered
The boys find themselves in the middle of a melee of battling creatures. Lots of high flying action here. The creatures are majestic in the skies.
Chapter 7: Airborne Attack!
Danger fills the skies as the three boys continue in this fight for their lives. The boys go on one crazy thrilling ride through the skies. They do make some new friends as well.
Chapter 8: Late Assist
The Professor redesigns the ship and it is impressive to see. The gang is all back together and ready for their next adventure in time.

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