RICH REVIEWS: Dinosaur Explorers # 4

Title: Dinosaur Explorers # 4: Trapped In The Triassic (GN)
Publisher: Papercutz
Story: Redcode and Albbie
Comics: Air Team
Cover Illustration: Redcode & Samu
Cover Color: Max
Color: Eva, Max, Fun, Seng Hui
Art Direction: Kenny Chua and Kiaong
Original Design: Rousang
Translation: Balicat & Mvctar Avrelivs
Price: $ 12.99 US (paperback), $ 16.99 US (hardcover)
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Chapter 1: Triassic Transport.
The group of travelers is still trying to get home from millions of years in the past. The team has a wide variety of people in it and one robot. Part of the team goes for a drive. The kids do have fun. The art shows off the era beautifully and the dinosaurs to look great they are all wonderfully colored.
There are lots of fun facts about the dinosaurs and the period they live in.
Chapter 2: Rock of Ages.
Emily walks off on her own so Stone with Lil S go after her. Emily finds out the Triassic era is a dangerous place to be alone in. Stone and a whole lot of dinosaurs mix it up as Stone gets in batting practice. The dinosaurs are wonderfully illustrated. Things do get exciting as the danger mounts.
Chapter 3: Shock and Claw.
Sean and Rain also find themselves facing a dinosaur. It is more kids versus a dinosaur. It is cute seeing the cute little car driving along. Well even with a dinosaur jumping on it it is still cute. Rain though thinking of Emily being dead is drawn as one heartbroken and completely devastated boy.
Chapter 4: Hunter-Killers.
Sean and Rain find there is more than one dinosaur in the Triassic period. These two kids do react to the dinosaurs. When Rain snaps back he is shown doing it with a vengeance. It is all out action.
Chapter 5: To the Rescue.
As the kids are reunited we see them happy to be back together. The danger tough continues in this time period and not just from dinosaurs. The art though showing off the dinosaurs is something you have to see.
Plus between each chapter, there is lots of information so you have fun learning as well as enjoying the adventure.
Chapter 6: Ocean Overload.
The kids next find themselves underwater. The oceans are gorgeous and teaming with underwater creatures. Underwater the kids witness one horrific battle for survival.
Chapter 7: Dallying with Danger!
The kids do have fun and at times completely ignore the fact they are in one dangerous place. They continue exploring. Rain has become overprotective of Emily. He does overreact which places him in danger. The dinosaurs are shown looking hungry.
Chapter 8: ‘Til We Meet Again, Triassic.
There is so much action with dinosaurs all over the place and the kids keep getting found by them. The coloring is beautifully done throughout this comic. The kids are so cute in the anime style art.
The dinosaurs are as much a danger to each other as to the kids. These guys are hungry. The car the kids are using is fantastic and so full of useful gadgets. It is definitely over the top.
The scenes from the Triassic are stunning pin-up pages of action scenes from the era of the dinosaur. These alone are worth getting this issue to see.
This is the most fun you will ever have learning about the prehistoric world.

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