RICH REVIEWS: Delegates # 1

Title: Delegates # 1
Publisher: Imagine Bin
Writer: Tina Cesa Ward
Art: Sabrina Deigert
Colors: Leigh Walls
Letters: Taylor Esposito
Cover: Sabrina Deigert
Logo Design: Taylor Esposito
Created by: Bin Lee & Tina Cesa Ward
Price: $ .99 US (Digital)
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Website: ,
Comments: The Country of Fulawodaabe is ruled by Madame President Aminah Kokumo and Insurgents are getting close. There are those around her that want to protect her. Hembadoon her secretary, Inez a reporter, and two security guards. The security guards seem more interested in putting down the secretary than doing their job.
The art illustrates all the people beautifully. The scenes of violence are drawn just as you would expect them to look like in the real world.
Hembadoon for a secretary can handle a gun real well. She takes action and knows what she is doing.
If you think Hembadoon is a surprise wait until you see the biggest one you could not even imagine. Things do take a most unexpected turn. The President and Hembadoon neither are entirely what you think they are. There are mysteries here.
The action at times does get intense. The characters are all interesting. You will be surprised at just how much well the situations here are portrayed. Add in the little and or big surprises and you will be hooked.

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